Grass Fed Beef (Test)

Grass Fed Beef (Test)

At eatTelfit we are proud to supply the finest grass fed regenerative British beef

All our eatTelfit Grass Fed Beef is grown naturally and slowly on both diverse, natural pastures and rough hillsides. Almost all of our beef cattle are over 30 months old, vs 16 months for commercial grain fed cattle, allowing real flavour to develop. Look out for the darker meat and yellow of the fat that indicates a long, good life on pasture.

We believe in proper UK native breed cattle, ethically in a way sensitive to the environment they are farmed in. This way we produce the finest healthy, sustainable beef with remarkable flavour, marbling and texture. Natural beef, grass fed in this manner is higher in critical healthy fatty acids like omega 3.

All our grass fed UK beef is dry aged on the bone for a minimum of 28 days. This concentrates and develops the flavours much like ageing wine and breaks down the tissues for tenderness.  Our artisan butchers expertly butcher, nose-to-tail, using traditional seam butchery techniques.  
Image of Beef Sirloin Steak

Beef Sirloin Steak

Total: £25.00
Image of Beef Mince

Beef Mince

Total: £7.80
Image of Flat Iron Beef Steak

Flat Iron Beef Steak

Total: £12.00
Image of Beef Rump Steak

Beef Rump Steak

Total: £19.20
Image of Diced Grass Fed Beef

Diced Grass Fed Beef

Total: £7.00
Image of Beef Rib Roast

Beef Rib Roast

Total: £72.00
Image of Ox Tongue

Ox Tongue

Total: £10.00
Image of Whole Beef Fillet

Whole Beef Fillet

Total: £62.00
Image of Silverside Beef

Silverside Beef

Total: £21.60
Image of Rolled Beef Brisket

Rolled Beef Brisket

Total: £17.00
Image of Topside Beef Joint

Topside Beef Joint

Total: £25.20
Image of Beef Short Rib

Beef Short Rib

Total: £16.00
Image of Beef Picanha

Beef Picanha

Total: £21.88
Image of Baby Back Beef Ribs

Baby Back Beef Ribs

Total: £19.30
Image of Beef Oxtail

Beef Oxtail

Total: £16.00
Image of Denver Steaks

Denver Steaks

Total: £15.60
Image of Beef Osso Buco

Beef Osso Buco

Total: £16.00
Image of Skirt Steaks

Skirt Steaks

Total: £9.00
Image of Beef Tri-Tip

Beef Tri-Tip

Total: £11.20
Image of Beef Wing Rib Roast

Beef Wing Rib Roast

Total: £90.00
Image of Beef Wing Rib Steak

Beef Wing Rib Steak

Total: £20.00
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