Grass Fed Beef Skirt Steaks

Grass Fed Beef Skirt Steaks
Grass Fed Beef Skirt Steaks

Grass Fed Beef Skirt Steaks

Flank as it is known in the UK, Bavette as it is known it, France. This is one of the most shamefully underutilised cuts of steak. One of the cuts with long flaky fibres running the length of it, this is a cut that takes to the barbeque like no other. Rub in Dijon mustard and olive oil for a smoky crust to dream of.

Great For:

Skillet, Barbecue, Griddling, and Frying


Cooking Your Grass Fed Beef Skirt Steak:

Beef skirt steak is absolutely great for the barbecue. The long grains and rough edges absorb that smoky flavour a marinade that compliment the rich beefiness of skirt steak beautifully.

First finely chop rosemary and mix with 2 teaspoons dijon mustard, 50ml olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, plenty of salt and pepper.

Brush this into both sides of your steak and marinate for 20 mins. This should absorb into the steak.

Cook only when your charcoals are white or embers all over and very hot. Brush you steaks again with your marinade and place on the grill. Cook for 3 minutes each side flipping every 30 seconds till the skirt has an amazing crust and will be medium rare.

Allow to rest for 5 minutes and slice across the grain to serve.

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