4 Bone Rack of Grass Fed Lamb

4 Bone Rack of Grass Fed Lamb

4 Bone Rack of Grass Fed Lamb


Lamb Rack is the most luxurious of all lamb cuts. We don't French trim as we think the natural form of the lamb rack is perfect anyway for truly the most sophisticated supper and we are proud to honour its natural form. Easy cooking and carving, as we remove the chine bone from the base, lamb rack is a great showpiece for any meal requiring some flair. 

This 4 bone rack should feed 2.

Great For:

Quick Roasting, Pan Roasting, and Barbecue


Cooking Your Grass Fed Rack of Lamb:

A simple recipe for the perfect roasted lamb rack.

Marinate your lamb rack in rosemary, dijon mustard, sea salt, olive oil and garlic overnight.

remove from the marinade and lightly pat dry the rack of lamb. Season the skin again with sea salt.

Preheat your oven to 190°C and place a skillet on a medium high heat. Let the skillet just warm up and place the rack fat side down. As the heat rises the fat will render and caramelise this will take perhaps 2 minutes.

Turn the lamb regularly ensuring an even colouring all around the rack before adding to the oven. The lamb will take perhaps 8-10 minutes to reach the internal temperature of 56°C you are aiming for. Always go off the temerature not the time!

Rest the rack well before slicing into individual rib portions.

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