Grass Fed Beef Ribeye

Grass Fed Beef Ribeye
Grass Fed Beef Ribeye

Grass Fed Beef Ribeye


The juiciest and most perfectly formed steak. A classic of steakhouses everywhere, packed full of flavour and fat ratio to dream of. Ribeye is the no brainer steak and the best steak for the pan. Cook hot and baste.

Great For:

Frying, Skillet, Griddling, and Barbecue


Cooking Your Grass Fed Ribeye Steak:

Firstly place your cast iron skillet on a medium high heat. Give the skillet 3 minutes to heat or until very hot. Meanwhile dry and season your dry aged ribeye steak well with salt and pepper. lightly oil the pan with a high smoke point oil.

Add the steak to the pan laying away from you. Cook for 2 minutes either side for perfect medium rare

lower the heat and add thyme, garlic and butter and baste well for added flavouring. rest the steak for 5 mins in a lukewarm place for the ideal tender and juicy steak.

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