Wild Venison

Wild Venison

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    All our wild venison live off a diverse and natural diet, living free range in the British countryside

    Our eattelfit 100% natural and Wild venison is one of the most sustainable and ethical meats there is. Our venison is UK sourced and wild. Venison is packed full of vital nutrients, low in fat and one of the most healthy meats you can eat.

    Our UK wild deer population has now hit over 2,000,000. It is critical for the health of our countryside that we reduce this wild deer population, which are doing major damage to our native woodlands and pastures. 

    Venison, with it unique rich yet delicate flavour, is a diverse meat that can be used for many dishes and is excellent both for slow and quick cooking. Our delicious venison loin roast is perfect for any showstopper meal and the venison mince makes superb lean burgers. Or try our pencil fillets perfect for a light supper in. 

    All our venison is dry aged for 7 days to bring out the natural flavour and tenderness before being beautifully butchered by our artisan butchers. 

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