Meat that's actually good for you and the planet

We are regenerative farmers and artisan butchers

Our farmers are pioneers working and reconnecting with ancestral knowledge that can help regenerate our planet.
This combined with modern scientific understanding can produce remarkable food for our future.

Our sustainable meat collections

Better for your health. Better for the planet.

All the livestock on our regenerative farms enjoy a life engaging in their natural instincts; with a diverse, proper diet.

This translates to superior slow grown meat, with a real deeper flavour and vital health benefits, including elevated levels of fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and even phytonutrients.

All our meat is frozen and delivered to you in protective packaging. We freeze our meat, not only to lock in all its health benefits, but to help us farm more sustainably, respecting our animals and planet by reducing food waste and our carbon footprint. This means we can bring you the best quality meat, all year round.

Browse our online farm shop for our selection of Grass Fed Meat, Meat Boxes, or our Larder Collection.

Choose a delivery day to suit you. We deliver our boxes to arrive Tuesday through Friday every week.

We deliver our sustainable produce direct to your door. Your products should stay in optimum condition for a minimum of 36 hours.

Our Larder

Artisan food

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About eatTelfit

Born from Telfit farm, deep in the Yorkshire Dales eatTelfit is an online butchery and farmshop specialising in remarkable sustainable produce.

We aim to demonstrate that ancestral, regenerative farming methods can help save our planet's health and benefit ours. We also work alongside a number of other pioneering farmers to revolutionise our food system. Utilising these methods we aim to produce the best natural, slow grown meat.

Eating grass fed meat, produced on natural pastures, takes that health from the soil and transfer it to us. Grass fed Meat, from a regenerated ecosystem, has been shown to have remarkable levels of phytonutrients and nutrients, not found from conventional farming.

Ancestral Knowledge

Groundbreaking Farming

Regenerative Farming
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Arroz con Pollo
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