Ordering from eatTelfit

All of our products are organised online so as to be clear and easy to find. Browse through our great products adding what you like to the cart and proceed to the checkout.

Occasionally it is possible that items may become unavailable. If this happens your order will be refunded for the missing product.

If something is unexpectedly missing please contact us on the landline 01969 600626 or via email.

Yes and our Minimum order value is £30. This allows us to reduce the environmental impact of delivering our meat. As our meat is frozen it's ideal to have it delivered and just pop in the freezer.

You don't need to eat it right away!

Unfortunately we cannot do special requests. Due to being a whole carcass butchers we focus heavily on ensuring that we have no waste from our products.

The methods we use to butcher ensure that this waste is minimised.

As we butcher nose to tail and have focus on minimising waste on occassion our products will sell out. We are constantly working to ensure that our products are as close to in stock as we can get it and endeavour to have everything back in as soon as possible.

How Our Meat Comes

All our butchery is done by hand by our skilled artisan butchers. We are very proud of the quality of the work that our butchers do.

The respect and care that they show to the animal is of the utmost importance for us as a company.

We utilise traditional methods that are currently in decline. Preserving these skills is key to our ethos

All our meat is delivered frozen. We deliver it to you in insulated sustainable wool packaging that can keep it frozen for 72hrs. When you receive your meat please put it straight in the freezer. Even if it has defrosted it is ok to put back in the freezer as long as it is not warm.

We deliver it frozen for a number of critical reasons:

  • Natures preservative. Freezing is one of the most ancient of all methods of preservation. We firmly believe that when frozen rapidly there is no loss of quality in the meat. 

  • Sustainability. By freezing our meat we can ensure there is as close to zero waste as possible. Our meat is frozen as soon as it is butchered in protective packaging that allows us to keep the meat perfectly for over a year. This is vs 10 days for fresh.

  • Seasonality. Like vegetables, meat has a season. By freezing our meat we can select our produce when it is at its very best. Fresh meat butchers cannot do this and you can taste the difference in our meat.

  • Supporting farmers. For our farmers it is most profitable for them to get the produce off the farm as soon as it is ready. This allows us to support them better.

Demonstrating the full value of the animals we work with is a key ethos of our business.

We are proud that the animals that we rear are respected and this extends to ensuring that none of the carcass goes to waste. We utilise every bit of the animal and are firm proponents of offal and believe everyone should try eating nose to tail.

Your shipping and delivery

We deliver to the UK mainland only.

However, unfortunately, we cannot deliver to certain areas.  This is because we cannot guarantee your box will arrive with you in time for the products to still be frozen.

The Postcodes we can't deliver to are: 

AB30-38, AB42-45, AB 53,56, DD 8-9, IV21-28, IV40, IV52-54, PA 34-40, PH 30-41, PH49-50, KW1-14, PA80

We deliver our boxes to arrive Tuesday through Friday every week. A delivery will always take a minimum of 24 hrs but can potentially take longer

Your order will be placed with a please leave in the shade instruction as standard. This is due to the perishable nature of the product. Your product should stay in condition for 36 hrs but this cannot be guaranteed.

It is always advised to be at home as soon as possible after your delivery.

Your Items are always sent with tracking

Delivery costs £5.95, Tuesday - Friday, or is free for orders over £60.

It is possible that certain products may slightly defrost during transit. as long as the products are still cold (below 5C), which they should be, they are absolutely fine to put in the freezer and refreeze.

We use APC Overnight couriers on the pre 12am slot. They we feel are the most reliable and consistent couriers in the UK.

However no courier is perfect so if anything happens to your product please get in touch immediately!


In the unlikely event that your order does not arrive on the time it is due. Please get in touch with us either via email or our landline 01969 600626

Storing Your Meat

Our meat if you would like to keep it frozen needs to be ideally kept below -18°C but above -25°C. This perfectly preseves the quality of the meat.

The secret to preserving quality of emat is to freeze as quick as possibel and defrost as gently as possible.

There are 2 good ways to do this:

  1. In the fridge - This is great if you can plan ahead. Steaks and smaller pieces will defrost overnight. For larger pieces of meat, this process can take a few days even.
  2. In cold water in the bag - The key to this is to ensure the water is cold. Warm water will damage the meat and degrade the texture. Thsi can be a very quick way to defrost something and a steak can defrost in 30 mins. Ensure your bag is not damaged as water ingress will impact quality.

Once your meat has defrosted it will be safe for 3-4 days in the fridge. Is best to defrost as you need though.

Our farming and Telfit Farm


We are very proud of Telfit and the work we do there and so are very keen that people can visit the farm and see what we do.

There are several ways:

  • Book to stay in the Farmhouse for either a holiday, yoga retreat or even your wedding day!
  • Take a walk along any of the number of footpaths around Telfit. Like this you can see the whole of the farm.
  • Join us for a farm tour. On occasions we will be organising farm tours to demonstrate how our farming works and the benefits of regenerative farming.

No. We are very proud also of this fact.

Telfit is only one small farm and we are very keen that we also support as many other farmers we can who are utilising these methods to improve our planets health. By working with other farmers we are spreading the benefits of regenerative farming further.

We are aware of the tricky conversations that we can have regarding the slaughter of livestock and the consequences of these.

Our focus is on ensuring that we work only with the best and most ethical small slaughterhouses there are. All ours abattoirs are extremely well run and determined to provide the most humane slaughter possible for our livestock.

Each farmer will work with a different one depending on their location as one of our key considerations are minimising stressful travel times.