Our Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

We are proud at eatTelfit of the quality and sustainability of our packaging. All our food is delivered in wool lined cardboard boxes. We detest polystyrene boxes. They're an ecological nightmare and the less said on how messy and space consuming they are the better.

So Why Wool?

Wool is now almost a waste product in farming and the value of it to the farmer has become almost nil. At Telfit we used to have 360 sheep. When sheared all that wool amounted to about £50 a year.

Through using it as insulation we can give a new lease of life to wool and aim to increase the value of wool to farmers whilst using a byproduct from meat production.

. in aiming to be as environmentally conscientious as possible (in all we do at eatTelfit) we have refused to use damaging single use polystyrene and excessive plastic packaging. All our wool linings are reusable and also have alternative uses especially in the garden! 

Yet Vacuum Packaging?

The only exception to this is we send all our meat vacuum packed as this is critical to ensuring the shelf life and quality of the product when it reaches you. We wish there was an alternative to this but respect for the product and abolishing food waste come first for us.

Reusing Or Recycling Our packaging

Wool is a fantastic product with valuable uses to be found wherever you look.

Notable uses include:

  • In the garden- This can be as an excellent mulch for trees and flower beds.
  • Compost- Rich in nitrogen will is a valuable addition to the compost bin
  • You can even use our boxes and lining as a cool box for travelling.