What is Artisan Butchery?

Jun 1, 2024

Artisan butchery is a traditional method of meat preparation that focuses on quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Otherwise known as craft butchery, this practice involves deeply skilled butchers who take pride in their work. Artisan butchers like eatTelfit,  prioritise the use of whole animals to minimise waste and respect fully the life of the animal.

We use specific skills that allow us to break down a carcass into perfectly formed cuts that cook evenly and naturally.


 What separates Artisan butchers from the rest?

Our butchers utilise the whole carcass, nose to tail, using a method known as seam butchery. This method breaks an animal down into its individual muscles instead of cutting it into chunks. This ensures that our customers are naturally shaped and just as nature intended. All the different muscles cook at different speeds and temperatures and so separating then out simplifies the cooking process.


Why we need to conserve artisanal butchery skills?

The skills of artisan butchery are in decline. The rise of factory farming has led to mechanisation and automation of the process and these old dying skills are being left behind.

Only really the very finest meat is now processed using traditional methods. These methods are what allows for the very best cooking of these cuts and even the very smallest and uncommon cuts can be removed from the carcass using these. These artisanal steaks are unique and undervalued and ensure we can reach the very best value for our carcasses. 


Why nose to tail eating is the way forward?

In the past, before the time of factory farming, people would eat the whole animal from nose to tail. As people were poorer back then they would ensure that there was no waste from the carcass and such cuts as ox tongue, lambs heart and pigs trotters were commonly eaten. These cuts actually have remarkable nutritional value and each one has real benefits to our health. Offal for example are packed with iron and many other critical nutrients many humans are deficient in. Trotters are full of collagen that is critical for our gut health.

Many humans now eat a low nutrient, high calorie diet that causes much of the ill health people suffer with these days. Reverting to eating naturally farmed meat in a  nose to tail diet, using artisan butchery skills will help to restore our health.