Meat Boxes

Meat Boxes

Our specially curated selection of ethically produced, free range meat boxes.

Whether you cannot decide between our Grass Fed Beef and Lamb or would like to try  our nose-to-tail quarter eatTelfit Proper Pork  we have put together the very best selection of regenerative meat boxes online.

So you don't have to!

Order now and we'll deliver them deliver to right to your door.

All of our curated meat boxes come packed full of the finest meat that Britain has to offer all the way from our slow cooking meat box to our quick cooking meat box. We also have our Premium steak box perfect for those indulgent night.

You can also rest assured that when you are buying meat boxes from eatTelfit that they are ethical, sustainable and delicious. 

As a bonus all our UK free range meat boxes are 10% cheaper!

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