Sustainable Game

Sustainable Game

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    Our wild game is sourced from small, ethical shoots, with a focus on sustainability

    At eattelfit we are passionate about revolutionising our food system and supporting its transformation for more sustainable future.

    Wild game we believe will be of the key pillars for the future of our food system. Done properly there are truly no more natural  and sustainable food sources. We carefully source our game from small, ethically run shoots that are passionate about producing the finest, sustainable game.

    We truly believe that by eating more game we can do more for the environment and our health! Game is rich in nutrients and left to forage in the wild they consume a diverse and natural diet that results in very healthy meat. 

    game come in many forms and we believe that there is bound to be one everyone enjoys. From the light and delicate partridge through to rich and powerful grouse and refined pigeon the variety is remarkable.
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