Proper Pork Boneless Shoulder

Proper Pork Boneless Shoulder

Proper Pork Boneless Shoulder


The ultimate slow roasting pork joint boneless for easy carving. The fat in this cut makes for an easy slow cook and is very hard to overcook. Pull or slice, this one is absolutely delicious. 

Great For:

Slow Cooking, Braising, Roasting, and Slow Roasting


Cooking Your Proper Boned and Rolled Pork Shoulder:

For the best results in your roasted pork shoulder, remove from the vacuum bag a day prior, dry with kitchen roll and leave in the fridge to dry further. The next day lightly oil the skin and season well with salt.

Preheat the oven to 230°C and add the pork shoulder in a thick bottomed roasting dish. Roast the pork for 30 minutes or until the skin is really crackled and crispy.

lower the temperature to 170°C and cover with foil. Now roast for another 3 hours + 30 minutes per kilo over 2 kilos.

Remove from the oven and rest well for one hour. Carve across the grain into nice slices.

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