Proper Pork Quick Cook

Proper Pork Quick Cook

Till you've tried our proper pork you wouldn't believe how good pork can get!

All our pigs are reared in as natural and ethical a manner as possible. We carefully balance the health of our pigs and the environment they are raised in. 

Our proper pork is perfect for quick cooking producing superbly tender meat that can be served blushing pink.

Our proper pork is all perfectly cut by our artisan butchers.

Image of Proper Pork Chops

Proper Pork Chops

Total: £10.99
Image of Proper Pork Belly Slices

Proper Pork Belly Slices

Total: £12.80
Image of Proper Pork Chump Steaks

Proper Pork Chump Steaks

Total: £14.00
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