Proper Pork Slow Cook

Proper Pork Slow Cook

Packed full of gelatinous goodness. Our proper pork produce nutrient rich, flavour packed slow cooks.

Slow cooking extracts and amplifies the exceptional flavour of pigs raised in as close to a natural environment as possible.

You can taste this care in our eatTelfit proper pork even more so when slow cooked.
Image of Diced Proper Pork

Diced Proper Pork

Total: £9.00
Image of Proper Pigs Trotters

Proper Pigs Trotters

Total: £5.00
Image of Proper Pork Belly

Proper Pork Belly

Total: £8.00
Image of Proper Pork Shoulder

Proper Pork Shoulder

Total: £37.50
Image of Proper Pork Belly Slices

Proper Pork Belly Slices

Total: £12.80
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