How To Use The Finger Test Technique

How To Use The Finger Test Technique

The finger test is a traditional technique often used in the kitchen to assess the doneness of meat, particularly steak, without the need for a thermometer.

This method relies on comparing the firmness of the meat to the firmness of various parts of your palm. Here's a step-by-step guide:

The Steps to Perform the Finger Test

  1. Relax Your Hand: Begin with a relaxed hand. The key area you'll be using for comparison is the fleshy part below your thumb.

  2. Use Your Hand as a Reference:

    • For Rare: Touch the tip of your index finger to your thumb. The fleshy area below the thumb should feel soft and squishy, similar to a rare steak.
    • For Medium Rare: Touch your middle finger to your thumb. This makes the area below your thumb slightly firmer, akin to a medium-rare steak.
    • For Medium: Bring your ring finger to your thumb. The pad will feel firmer, resembling the consistency of a medium steak.
    • For Medium Well: Touch your pinky to your thumb. The area below your thumb will now feel quite firm, indicative of a medium-well steak.
    • For Well Done: Without touching any fingers to your thumb, feel the pad. It's very firm, and this is what a well-done steak feels like.
  3. Compare With the Meat: Press the steak and compare its firmness to the firmness of your hand in the respective state. The closer the texture of the meat is to that of your hand, the more accurate your estimation of its doneness.


The finger test can be a really handy and quick way to estimate steak doneness, especially when a thermometer isn't available. However, it's more of a rough guide than an exact science.

For best results and safety, particularly with meats that are high risk and as such require precise cooking temperatures, using a meat thermometer is advisable. The finger test is most suitable for personal cooking where adjustments can be made based on individual preferences and experience.

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