Our Ethos

In Britain, we’ve lost over 50% of our biodiversity in the last 50 years.

Today, farmland now accounts for 72% of the UK’s landmass. As such, modern agricultural practices are the largest contributor to the degradation of our once treasured natural environment.  

Our own actions have brought us here, ignoring the environment and putting expedience before everything in farming. How long can we all let this happen? 

Committing to a Better Way

Slowly Creating a Better Future

Supporting Small Farmers

We at eatTelfit work with a number of small mixed farms around Yorkshire. Many of our farmers are life long in the industry. Some moving towards this new way of farming for the first time.

For us good, nature friendly farming is the key to landscape recovery across the country. This public good is being inadequately funded to make this commercially viable without further support.

We provide a marketplace for the produce from these farms generating a premium for the farmer providing these invaluable benefits to the planet.

Please help us on our mission to convert and improve our nations food system into a form that can provide for both humans and nature.